Q-Pulse Tips

ECL2 and Q-Pulse have proven to be invaluable for organizations in effectively managaing their Quality Management Systems (QMS). ECL2 has created several helpful Tips that will assist Q-Pulse Users with the navigation and use of the system! The tips below will assist you with accessing specific records to creating/deleting Saved Views and much more! For more information on the ECL2’s Tips of the Week click the links below!

Q-Pulse Tips:

Tip 1 – Did you know that you can add a Copyholder to multiple documents at the same time?  Q-Pulse Tip- Doc Copyholders

Tip 2 – Do you know how to quickly access the specific records that you’re looking at in the Analysis module? Q-Pulse Tip- Analysis Module

Tip 3 – Did you know that you can customize Q-Pulse to send out conditional messages? Q-Pulse Tip- Conditional Messages

Tip 4 – The Print Preview screen in Q-Pulse has some great controls that allow you to change the way your document looks. Q-Pulse Tip- Print Preview Screen Controls

Tip 5 – Here’s how to convert the paper size for all Q-Pulse reports from the “A4 default size to the traditional U.S. “Letter” size. Q-Pulse Tip- Convert Paper Size for Reports

Tip 6 – You probably already knew that Q-Pulse can support document-based training. But there is a neat feature in Q-Pulse that recognizes when new retraining may be necessary for revisions to that document. Q-Pulse Tip- Document Training Software

Tip 7 – Q-Pulse supports document-based training! Q-Pulse Tip- Document-Based Training

Tip 8 – This Q-Pulse Tip will show you how  to Archive a Customer or Supplier Record! Q-Pulse Tip- Archive a Record 

Tip 9 – When creating a CA/PA Wizard, you always need a couple items to be completed.  The first item is Recorded By and the other is the Raised Date. Q-Pulse Tip- CA PA Wizard Creation- Automatic Fields

Tip 10 – Q-Pulse CAPA. Here’s How to Add a Change Request to Multiple Documents at Once. Q-Pulse Tip- Change Request

Tip 11 – Click to find out how to simplify the task of loading Assets into Q-Pulse. Q-Pulse Tip- Assets

Tip 12 – This Q-Pulse tip will teach you how to Create a Saved View! Q-Pulse Tip- Saved View

Tip 13 – You’ve learned how to create a saved, now it’s time to Delete a Saved View! Q-Pulse Tip- Deleting Saved View

Tip 14 – Say hello to your Q-Pulse shortcut [F1] Q-Pulse Tip- [F1] Shortcut

Tip 15- Configure your reports in The Report Designer Q-Pulse Tip- Report Designer

Tip 16 – Group similar people together for ease of search ability with Reference Groups Q-Pulse Tip- Reference Groups

Tip 17 – View all outstanding actions/work items Q-Pulse Tip- Workload

Tip 18 – Did you know that you can apply a Master Job Role with its correlating Training Plan to multiple people at once?  Here is how Q-Pulse Tip-Applying Master Job Role