Q-Pulse Tips

ECL2 and Q-Pulse have proven to be invaluable for organizations in effectively managaing their Quality Management Systems (QMS). ECL2 has created several helpful Tips that will assist Q-Pulse Users with the navigation and use of the system! The tips below will assist you with accessing specific records to creating/deleting Saved Views and much more! For more information on the ECL2’s Tips of the Week click the links below!

Q-Pulse Tips:

Tip 1: Did you know that you can add a Copyholder to multiple documents at the same time?                                                                                 Q-Pulse Tip- Doc Copyholders

Tip 3: Here’s how to convert the paper size for all Q-Pulse reports from the “A4 default size to the traditional U.S. “Letter” size. Q-Pulse Tip- Convert Paper Size for Reports 

Tip 5: When creating a CA/PA Wizard, you always need a couple items to be completed.  The first item is Recorded By and the other is the Raised Date. Q-Pulse Tip- CA PA Wizard Creation- Automatic Fields 

Tip 7:  Q-Pulse supports document-based training! Q-Pulse Tip- Document-Based Training

Tip 9: Did you know that you can customize Q-Pulse to send out conditional messages? Q-Pulse Tip- Conditional Messages

Tip 11: Click to find out how to simplify the task of loading Assets into Q-Pulse. Q-Pulse Tip- Assets

Tip 13: You’ve learned how to create a saved, now it’s time to Delete a Saved View! Q-Pulse Tip- Deleting Saved View

Tip 15: Configure your reports in The Report Designer. Q-Pulse Tip- Report Designer

Tip 17: Did you know you can view all outstanding actions/work items that you are required to perform from the Workload tab?       Q-Pulse Tip- Workload

Tip 19: Audit Module: Multi-Editing Predefined Answers. Predefined answers are a great way to allow auditors to complete an audit checklist quickly, but also to set guidelines on the responses.  Click here to learn more – Q-Pulse Tip Audit Module Multi Editing Predefined Answers

Tip 21: Group Editing is a handy tool available in CA/PA. Whether it is updating current records or correcting previous non-conformance records, it is an efficient method of ensuring that your organization gets the full benefit of CA/PA Analysis. Q-Pulse Tip – Group Editing Non-Conformance Records

Tip 23:  Training Event Attendee Search:
Did you know that searching for an Attendee in a Training Event can be easier then filtering alphabetically by name?  Click here to learn how: Q-Pulse Tip – Attendees Search

Tip 25: Did you know that you can change the duration block of the iCal attachment emails Q-Pulse sends out from the Training Module?  Here’s how! Q-Pulse Tip_Changing the iCal Attachment Duration_

Tip 2: Do you know how to quickly access the specific records that you’re looking at in the Analysis module? Q-Pulse Tip- Analysis Module

Tip 4: The Print Preview screen in Q-Pulse has some great controls that allow you to change the way your document looks. Q-Pulse Tip- Print Preview Screen Controls

Tip 6: You probably already knew that Q-Pulse can support document-based training. But there is a neat feature in Q-Pulse that recognizes when new retraining may be necessary for revisions to that document. Q-Pulse Tip- Document Training Software

Tip 8: This Q-Pulse Tip will show you how  to Archive a Customer or Supplier Record! Q-Pulse Tip- Archive a Record 

Tip 10: Q-Pulse CAPA. Here’s How to Add a Change Request to Multiple Documents at Once. Q-Pulse Tip- Change Request

Tip 12: This Q-Pulse tip will teach you how to Create a Saved View! Q-Pulse Tip- Saved View

Tip 14: Say hello to your Q-Pulse shortcut [F1].  Q-Pulse Tip- [F1] Shortcut

Tip 16: Group similar people together for ease of search ability with Reference Groups. Q-Pulse Tip- Reference Groups

Tip 18: Did you know that you can apply a Master Job Role with its correlating Training Plan to multiple people at once?  Here is how … Q-Pulse Tip-Applying Master Job Role

Tip 20: In this Quick Tip we will show you how to track and trend non-conformances related to documents.   This can be useful in generating a New Change Request or staff training opportunities. Q-Pulse Tip – A Documents related Non-Conformance  

Tip 22:  Forecasting My Actions with the Launchpad Preference Menu. To make sure you are keeping up with your workload, these next steps will show how to customize My Actions for your individual Launchpad. Q-Pulse Tip -My Actions


Tip 24: Did you know you can export Q-Pulse lists into Excel?  Click here to find out how – Q-Pulse Tip_Export Lists to Excel