The New Ideagen Academy

There are now 2 versions of

A free version available to all Q-Pulse Users to answer your basic questions


A Professional version is now available for an additional cost that allows you to:

  • Create your own courses and assign others to develop course content
  • You can use files, URL’s, YouTube videos, PowerPoints, Web pages and even the Q-Pulse DRS for content
  • You can add multiple types of content within a single course (Watch a video, take a quiz, continue onto a PowerPoint…answer a few more questions, etc.)
  • You can create quizzes in a multitude of formats (i.e. multiple choice, fill in the blank, select matching, etc.)
  • You can restrict courses by Job Role, Organization, etc.
  • You can add in dependencies (i.e. User must complete another course prior to taking current one, etc.)
  • You can take courses anywhere since it is browser-based
  • import SCORM compliant courses from other LMSs
  • …and if you’re on Q-Pulse V6.8 or higher, it will all sync back to People & Training in Q-Pulse!
  • Replace your existing LMS or let us work with yours!

Contact ECL2 to schedule your demo today! or 469.828.5006