The New Ideagen Academy

Ideagen has recently created a New Academy that is intuitive, interactive and offers
bite-sized courses that helps everyone fit learning into their busy schedules.

Ideagen Academy is an enterprise-scale e-learning solution that provides online Q-Pulse training.
Academy is the fastest way to learn common tasks, helping you perform your job quicker and more effectively.
The learning material is designed to teach best practices that will enhance your use of Q-Pulse
and free up time to focus on improving your organization. 

“The New Academy is fantastic, and very user friendly.  We just started and love it already”.
ECL2 Client, OPO Quality Manager

The New Academy has Two Versions:

The Basic Version is FREE and available to all Q-Pulse Users. 
The basic user version answers simple questions and comes with 2 licenses. 

To sign-up for the free version please email

A Professional version is now available for an additional cost that allows you to:

  • Create your own courses and assign others to develop course content
  • Use files, URL’s, YouTube videos, PowerPoints, Web pages and even the Q-Pulse DRS for content
  • Add multiple types of content within a single course (Watch a video, take a quiz, continue onto a PowerPoint…answer a few more questions, etc.)
  • Create quizzes in a multitude of formats (i.e. multiple choice, fill in the blank, select matching, etc.)
  • Restrict courses by Job Role, Organization, etc.
  • Add in dependencies (i.e. User must complete another course prior to taking current one, etc.)
  • Take courses anywhere since it is browser-based
  • import SCORM compliant courses from other LMSs
  • …and if you’re on Q-Pulse V6.8 or higher, it will all sync back to People & Training in Q-Pulse!
  • Replace your existing LMS or let us work with yours!

Click here to see a video detailing some of the Professional Version features in action.

Click Here to view FAQ’s about the New Academy

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